Quick Nurse

Manage shift bookings online

Our bespoke online platform, Quick Nurse, allows clients secure access to monitor both live and historical shift information. At the click of a button, you can request shifts online, instantly view nurse profiles and monitor shift statuses in real-time.

Quick Nurse is easy to use and, most importantly, quicker than calling us, particularly during busy times. Your requests reach our nurses sooner, and our nurses are able to get to you more quickly.

Request shifts online

Add and manage shift requests at any time, day or night, saving you valuable time during busy periods.

Real-time shift status

Full access to view shifts in real-time, giving you live information on shifts that are pending, filled, or waiting to be confirmed.

Manage multiple wards/sites

Link all wards and sites under one Quick Nurse account, allowing for more efficient management of vacancies across your organisation.

Historical shift information

All shift information is logged and recorded, allowing you to view past shift data. This is a useful tool to monitor response times and patterns.

Data and analysis

Analyse past shift data to understand historical fill rates and monitor how the Guild has supported with previous vacancies, including covered, cancelled and unfilled statistics.

Bespoke nurse profiles

View nurse profiles, including information on their competencies and experience. This enables you to determine suitability for your vacancies.

Don’t have a Quick Nurse account?

Call your local office and they will set one up for you.