Care and nursing homes

Urgent care and nursing home staffing support  

The Scottish Nursing Guild is an agency that understands the importance of a reliable support system in securing the comfort and safety of your residents.  

Since 1995 we have proudly served care and nursing homes across the UK and Ireland, providing trusted assistance and care staff when all other options are exhausted. 

Specialist agency workers for care homes and nursing homes 

When it comes to delivering high-quality care, experience matters. Our expert service caters to your care homes’ unique needs, providing exceptional nurses and healthcare assistants with extensive expertise in delivering high-quality, patient-centric care. 

  • Highly skilled nurses: Our nurses are equipped to handle complex medical situations, ensuring precise IV medication administration, tracheostomy & ventilation care, venepuncture, syringe drivers, catheterisation, wound assessment and treatment, dementia care, and palliative care. 
  • Certified HCAs: Our healthcare assistants hold SSSC and NISCC registration, providing your residents with the utmost professional and compassionate care. 
  • Mental health and learning disability support: Residents with specific mental health conditions and learning disabilities receive specialised support from our dedicated team. 
  • Nurses with care home management experience: For care homes seeking expert guidance, our nurses with care home management experience ensure smooth operations and elevated care standards. 
  • Support for challenged homes: If your care home faces staffing challenges or operates under special measures, our support ensures your residents receive the care they deserve. 
  • Assistance in remote areas: We understand the challenges of remote locations, especially during adverse weather conditions. Our solutions cover these areas, ensuring care homes never face staff shortages. 

A compassionate approach – making your residents feel at home 

At the Scottish Nursing Guild, we understand that a caring and supportive environment is essential for your residents’ wellbeing. Our nurses and healthcare assistants are compassionate, providing person-centred care beyond local regulations and guidelines. 

  • Adaptability: As a premium care agency that specialises in last-minute staffing, our team is highly adaptable to meet your care home’s diverse requirements and residents’ needs. Be assured that our nurses and healthcare assistants will handle any situation with proficiency and care. 
  • Compassion and empathy: Our agency workers genuinely care for your care home residents and will treat them with the kindness and respect they deserve. Building a strong bond of trust, our team will ensure that your residents feel safe, comfortable, and valued. 
  • Effective communication skills: Clear and open communication is a cornerstone of our service. Our agency workers will seamlessly interact with care home residents, families, and your substantive team, ensuring a harmonious and collaborative care environment. 
  • Attention to detail: Paying close attention to residents’ health, medication, and daily routines is crucial for their wellbeing and safety. Our agency workers will diligently observe even the most minor details to maintain the highest standards of care. 
  • Emphasis on teamwork: Working as a unified team, our nurses, healthcare assistants, and your care home staff will create a positive atmosphere. This collaborative effort will enhance the overall care experience for your residents and staff. 

No minimum booking commitment for care home support 

We understand that care homes require flexibility in staffing solutions. With the Scottish Nursing Guild, you can use our services only when needed. No minimum booking commitment ensures you can access the healthcare workers you need for a single shift or sustained support over several weeks. 

Temporary care home support you can trust 

With almost 30 years of experience, highly skilled workers, and our compassionate approach, we ensure your residents receive the care they deserve. Learn more about our specialist care home staffing services to secure the health and happiness of your residents. 

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