Specialist nurses

Specialist nurse and healthcare assistant staffing 

Access specialist nurses and healthcare assistants to elevate patient care. Benefit from experienced advanced nurse practitioners, chemotherapy nurses, emergency nurse practitioners, endoscopy nurses, and more, ready to support you at a moment’s notice. Our comprehensive range of services guarantees immediate support anytime, day or night. 

Our commitment to delivering the highest level of care begins with our handpicked team of specialists. 

Advanced nurse practitioners (ANP)

Whether it’s a bustling A&E department or a critical care environment for children or adults, a GP surgery, or an urgent care centre, our ANPs can adapt to any scenario, ensuring top-quality care for your patients. 

Scottish Nursing Guild exclusively recruits ANPs across the UK, who possess a master’s degree in clinical practice with a minimum of five years of post-registration experience, including two years at a senior level. Demanding this level of expertise means our ANPs are equipped to seamlessly integrate into any healthcare setting, offering independent assessments, diagnoses, treatments, and referrals for patients with undifferentiated and undiagnosed illnesses and minor injuries.  

Chemotherapy nurses

When it comes to exceptional cancer care, our chemotherapy nurses stand out with their unparalleled expertise. Versatile in their experience, they can work in various healthcare settings, including NHS and HSE haematology, oncology units, and private hospitals. Some chemotherapy nurses within our network also have valuable experience in delivering chemotherapy treatment in community settings, ensuring a well-rounded approach to cancer care. 

Carefully selected to have a minimum of 18 months of recent experience within Chemotherapy Day Units over the past two years, they must provide evidence of completing a university-accredited course, comprehensive in-house training, or possess a UKONS SACT Competency Passport. 

Emergency nurse practitioners (ENP)

As the first point of contact, our ENPs are well-equipped to provide treatment, referrals and formulate discharge plans. Whether an A&E department, urgent care centre, minor injuries unit, primary care centre, or GP practice, our ENPs deliver exceptional care, ensuring patients receive timely and appropriate treatment, throughout the UK. 

Our ENPs have at least two years of recent experience working in an urgent care setting, including minor injuries, urgent care, or walk-in centres. Our ENPs must also evidence a university-accredited course at Level 3 (diploma) or higher in clinical reasoning and clinical examination. This ensures they can independently conduct comprehensive consultations for emergency and urgent cases, including undifferentiated and undiagnosed conditions.  

Endoscopy nurses 

Our skilled endoscopy nurses have experience in various healthcare settings, including the NHS and HSE, as well as private sector clinics and hospitals. This diverse background ensures they are practiced in managing different scenarios, offering a comprehensive and proficient approach to endoscopy care. They have a wealth of expertise in assisting with endoscopic procedures, conscious sedation, and infection control. Our endoscopy nurses have at least 12 months of experience within Endoscopy Units.  

Learning and intellectual disability nurses and HCAs  

Access skilled learning and intellectual disability nurses and healthcare assistants (HCAs) dedicated to providing exceptional care to people with diverse learning needs. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by these individuals, our nurses and HCAs bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every interaction.  

Neonatal nurses 

Our neonatal nurses are highly experienced and capable of providing specialised care to Level 2 / Level 3 babies ventilated in NICU or special care baby units. With a minimum of 12 months of recent experience and evidence of completing Child Protection Training (Level 3) or Children First, they offer comprehensive support to newborns needing critical care. 

Mental health and psychiatric nurses and HCAs 

With a profound understanding of mental health challenges in acute and community settings, our professionals are committed to providing exceptional care and support to patients and service users on their journey to recovery.  


Improve the birthing experience for your patients with our midwives, each possessing at least 18 months of experience, independently conducting uncomplicated births, and attending high-risk deliveries. Their expertise in pre and post-natal care, delivered within hospital environments, adds immense value to your facility’s maternal health services. 

School nurses  

Whether it’s a primary or secondary school, college, university or private school, our school nurses have a wealth of skills and experience to meet your requirements. Each school nurse must evidence a minimum of 12 months of recent experience working in either the public sector, private sector or boarding schools. School nurses in our network are highly adept at providing minor illness and injury coverage and support for long-term conditions and complex care needs. Many of our school nurses have extensive experience working with special education needs and physically disabled students.  

Theatre nurses and ODPs   

From pre-operative preparation to post-operative care, our theatre nurses and ODPs ensure a seamless and efficient surgical experience. Their dedication to maintaining the highest standards of patient care is evident in their attention to detail and commitment to upholding best practices. Our theatre nurses and ODPs have demonstrated at least 12 months of recent experience in anaesthetics, scrub or recovery. Their extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in these critical areas of surgical care ensure that every patient receives the utmost attention and precision during their surgical journey, whether in the NHS, HSE or private hospitals. 

Secure the specialist staff you need today 

As a healthcare provider, you deserve an agency that understands your unique requirements and delivers unmatched benefits: 

  • Elevated patient care: Our highly skilled specialist nurses and HCAs provide exceptional care and attention, improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. 
  • Seamless operations: Our team is readily available to fill staffing gaps at short notice, enhancing efficiency and reducing the burden on permanent staff. 
  • Increased flexibility: We offer flexible, tailored staffing solutions to ensure you have the right nurses and the HCAs when needed, minimising disruptions to your services. 
  • Expertise you can trust: Our handpicked team of specialists is rigorously vetted and experienced, instilling confidence in your patients and fellow healthcare professionals

Safeguard critical services by accessing specialist nurses and healthcare assistants when needed. Contact us now to discuss how we can help you protect patient interests and meet organisational goals. 

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