End of life care

We provide end of life care at home to people in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. This includes working with private clients to deliver private end of life care as well as public sector representatives.

What do we mean by end of life care services?

End of life nursing care at home is similar to palliative care but focuses on the support we give each person and their family during their final days. Our nurses can provide all the clinical services normally available in hospital in the comfort of familiar surroundings with family and friends close by.

If you are looking for longer-term palliative care? Find out about our at-home palliative care services here. 

End of life care supports both physical and emotional concerns, including complex care, in the last days, weeks, or months of life. 

Having a specialist nurse to provide end of life care services at home allows people the choice of coming home from the hospice, care home, or hospital to spend their final days in the way they wish, supported by appropriate care to manage pain and other symptoms. 

Our end of life care services

At the Guild, we can provide one specialist or a team of nurses and carers at home to make someone’s last days or months as comfortable, peaceful, and pain-free as possible. Whenever you need us, and for as long as you need us, we are ready to: 

  • Advise on practical aspects of care, including specialist equipment for the home
  • Assess and understand each person’s needs
  • Enable families and friends to spend quality time at home with their loved ones
  • Manage breakthrough pain and ensure the correct dosage and timely delivery of any medicines
  • Support rapid discharge from hospital, care home or hospice, allowing loved ones to be cared for at home quickly and safely
  • Provide personalised support during someone’s final days or weeks 
  • Work with GPs, palliative care teams, and district nurses/public health nurses to ensure holistic support for patients and their families

Who can we support?

In addition to working with private clients, we support NHS and HSE clients by providing agency workers at short notice – and when others can’t – to work with palliative care teams, district nursing teams, public health teams, and other care providers.

Whether you need 24/7 clinical support or regular overnight support, we can build the right team of nurses and/or healthcare assistants around you.   

Our approach to end of life care at home

We work across Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland, recruiting to standards that exceed local regulations and guidelines. We’re also here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – just pick up the phone and call our team.  

Private clients and healthcare managers trust the Guild to provide quality end of care for many reasons: 

  • We are fully regulated by the Care Inspectorate in Scotland and the RQIA in Ireland, and have the highest rating for our services
  • Our Case Managers are registered nurses with a vast experience and knowledge
  • Our team of nurses and carers are carefully vetted, qualified, and experienced in this type of specialist care
  • No matter where you live, we’ll find the right nurses and healthcare assistants to support you for as long as you need them
  • We ensure continuity of care and complete handovers from shift to shift
  • Whether your requirement is last-minute, unusual, remote, or difficult to cover, the Guild can help at any time of the day or night

How much does end of life care cost?

Our team will perform a full assessment at home, the hospice, or the hospital and will build a care plan around you, providing an accurate estimate of the costs.

Looking for premium private care at home?

We also offer an elite care-at-home service for private clients in Scotland. Click the button below to learn about our bespoke packages available:

Elite care at home in Scotland

End of life care case study

We were contacted directly by a family requiring palliative care for a loved one. They needed nursing support to ensure their relative could still enjoy family time. Our client was keen to retain as much normality in their life as possible, and our nurses respected this, ensuring discreet and professional care.

We continued to support this client until they passed away some weeks later. The family was extremely grateful for our support, which meant they could spend invaluable time with their loved one, knowing he was comfortable, with the best care. 
Firstly, can I say that out of the 11 organisations I contacted in the area, SNG was the only one prepared to supply the support we required, even with little notice. We wanted to honour our mum’s wish to die at home, yet there was no-one who seemed to be available to help us.

If you are ever in a position where you need to bring a loved one home for palliative/end of life care, I would recommend that you seriously consider using a professional, 24-hour nursing care provider.

Yes, the cost may be higher, but it is most often only for a relatively short time. The peace of mind it provides is immeasurable and makes a difficult process much more bearable. SNG’s company motto is ‘when no one else can’ – well, you certainly lived up to your company’s mission with us!”

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