Why become a nurse?

Being a nurse is one of the most challenging but rewarding jobs out there. Every nurse has their own story to tell about what motivated them to join the profession. Below, our nurses share their inspiring stories of why they became a nurse.

“I had a secondary teacher who discovered that I was good in science. He was my first mentor. He told me that I should be a nurse or a doctor and I began to nurture the vision. Also, my father, knowing my love and vision, insisted that I go to study at the School of Health Tech for University. Starting with a pre-degree, I had the choice of medicine and nursing. Initially, I chose medicine but later changed to nursing and have no regrets about my choice.” – Olayinka

“I like to interact with new people, and I love hearing stories from the elderly – it gives me joy and it keeps my day going.” – Segun

“I was inspired to become a nurse because I was a carer for my son who has complex needs and life-threatening epilepsy. He needs 24-hour care and I got so much joy and satisfaction from caring for him, so I decided to go into nursing.” – Ann

“Growing up, I had a difficult relationship with nurses. As a scared five-year-old, nurses represented loss. I saw a nurse for the first time when I visited my Dad in the hospital. As a quiet nine-year-old, nurses represented loneliness. When my Mom wore her blue uniform, I knew that I wouldn’t see her for another 12 hours. As a displaced teenager, nurses represented stereotypes. It was expected that every Filipino worked in the healthcare field. Becoming a nurse now has given me a different viewpoint.

Nurses represent community and heritage. I have learned more about my heritage as a Filipino than ever before. It is through the brave migration of countless Filipino nurses that have made it possible for me to be here. It is an enduring legacy that continues to this day and I am proud to carry it. Nurses represent familial bonds. I have newfound appreciation and respect for the sacrifices my mom has made. It takes strength and selflessness to leave her family behind for 12 hours, so that she could take care of other people’s families.

Through our shared experiences as nurses, we have become closer. Nurses represent humility and responsibility. Working during the pandemic, I have become familiar with the duality of life and death, and the fragile transition in between. I know no better place to serve than alongside my colleagues at the front-line.” – AJ

“My initial interest in caring for people derived from a work experience placement I undertook in at school at a care home. This desire continued during a voluntary trip to Lourdes, where I had the responsibility of looking after terminally ill adults and children for their 10 days on pilgrimage. From this point on, I knew that a career in a healthcare profession was for me. In November 2015, I received a bachelor’s degree in adult nursing.

Throughout my studies, I continued to travel to Lourdes every summer to aid the pilgrims and now, since qualifying, I have continued to travel and work in a nursing capacity. I can’t imagine a summer without my annual trip to Lourdes. During my four years of study, I have developed skills and qualities that I believe are necessary for a job as a healthcare professional, such as good communication, the ability to care empathetically without judging, and always aiming to improve and develop personally and professionally. I always had an interest in paramedic studies and, since qualifying, I’ve had the opportunity to work in various nursing posts within emergency departments, medical receiving units and, since COVID, in triage, assessment, and treatment.

During this time, I continuously had the drive to develop my career towards pre-hospital medicine. In 2017, I was accepted onto a BSc paramedic science course. I am now 18 months qualified as a registered paramedic and I have enjoyed meeting and working with new people throughout both career pathways. I hope to continue this throughout the future as it is such a privilege to be able to treat/care for people pre-hospital and then also provide care for my patients as a nurse within the hospitals.” – Maria

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