Revalidation made easy: Practice hours

Within the three years following your last renewal date/when you joined the register, you will be required to complete a minimum number of working hours dependent on your registration type:

RegistrationMinimum total practice hours required
450 practice hours required
Midwife450 practice hours required
Nurse and specialist community public health nurse (SCPHN) (Nurse/SCPHN)450 practice hours required
Midwife and SCPHN (Midwife/SCPHN)450 practice hours required
Nurse and midwife (including Nurse/SCPHN and Midwife/SCPHN)900 practice hours required (to include 450 hours for nursing, 450 hours for midwifery)

How to meet the required hours

  • You can only count practice hours that you undertook while you were registered. Hours worked whilst you were unregistered cannot be counted.
  • You must meet the minimum number of hours in a role where you rely on your skills, knowledge and experience of being a registered nurse or midwife – hours do not have to be met solely by working in traditional acute settings so, for those of you who work for us as RN Interviewers, you can use these hours towards your portfolio.
  • If you are working overseas (or have worked overseas for part of your three year renewal period) as a nurse or midwife you can meet the practice hours on the basis of your registration with the NMC. You should always register with the appropriate regulator in the country in which you are practising. Please refer to the NMC guidance on working outside the UK.
  • If you have had a career break, you will still be able to meet the requirement if you have completed the required hours of practice as a registered nurse or midwife during your three year renewal period.

How should I record my practice hours?

It is recommended that you keep a log of all hours worked. Showing evidence of your practice hours is part of the confirmation process and should your portfolio be selected for review by the NMC after submission, you will need to be able to provide further evidence if requested.

The NMC have provided a template to help you record your practice hours.

In summary, your records should include:

  • dates of practice/shifts
  • the number of hours you undertook
  • name, address and postcode of the organisations/trusts/clients
  • scope of practice
  • work setting
  • a description of the work you undertook
  • evidence of those practice hours, such as your Thornbury/Guild timesheets

What do you need for your online application?

When you apply for revalidation, you need to declare that you have met the practice hours required. You only need to tell the NMC about the most recent hours you have undertaken. If you are currently working for more than one employer, then you should provide details on the work you have done for whoever you consider to be your main employer.

You will also be asked to enter the following details:

  • whether you are currently practising
  • if you are currently in practice, where you undertake that practice, including details of your scope of practice and work setting, and
  • if you are not currently in practice, where you undertook your most recent practice, including details of your scope of practice and work setting

For more information see pages 12-15 of the NMC’s guide to Revalidation.

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