Must-have apps for nurses in 2021

Life working as a medical professional is undoubtedly rewarding, but as with any job, it comes with its own stress. Many nurses are struggling to switch off after work as their jobs demand focus and intense work under pressure. As a result, it’s no surprise that when it comes to relaxing and slowing down, it’s a different kind of challenge. Here’s where apps for nurses can help.

Meditation, mindfulness, and movement

Over the past couple of years, there’s been a new shift of focus on mental wellbeing and looking after yourself. Around the globe, thousands of companies offer their employees all-paid for subscriptions to meditation and mindfulness apps.

The apps encourage the user to acknowledge how and why they feel that way. Then by processing the information, they can separate the work part of their brain from the personal side. This puts the user in a calmer state. Therefore this enables them to focus on doing things that make them happy. This can improve their outlook, making it easier to switch off and improving their sleeping pattern.

Apps such as Headspace1 and Calm2 are renowned for their sleep-inducing stories and meditation courses. If you prefer to have everything all in one place, Openfit3 will become your best friend. Within the wipe of a finger, you can go from a nutritional meal planner to a sweaty, endorphin-pumping workout class. However, these aren’t for everyone and instead, some find themselves seeking clinical and therapy-based help.

At-home therapy

A trusted partner to the NHS, Xyla Digital Therapies4 is one of the fastest growing, flexible mental health services within the UK. Founded upon a research-based approach, it centres around talking therapies e.g., cognitive behavioural therapy, guided self-help, and counselling.

Current pressure on the healthcare industry and workload is increasing and therapy rates are unaffordable for many. As a result, nurses are struggling to find manageable ways to maintain their mental health. Xyla’s service offers a much-needed solution.

Xyla’s solution improves the accessibility, affordability and effectiveness of mental health support. This is available Monday to Sunday, 7 am to 11 pm. In addition, the service is completely secure and confidential. It can be done through the ease of video, online audio, telephone calls and texts.

To access therapy via Xyla Digital Therapies, you can be referred through your local IAPT (improving access to psychological therapy) service. You can also go through your institution’s mental health service, if you are a student.

Their network of over 2,500 highly skilled clinicians is dedicated to helping you address and overcome the challenges you’re facing. With a warm and personal approach, their clinicians have a proven track record of delivering exceptional support and compassionate care. Xyla deliver this while upholding the highest levels of confidentiality.

Skill development

With fighting the pandemic taking priority, the training and development of nurses has been put on hold. Degreed5 is a free app and can be used by both individuals and companies to provide learning tools, store learning data and continually support organisations’ upskilling requirements. Thereby ensuring employees are always one step ahead of tomorrow. Degreed is the perfect easily accessible app to update your abilities to suit an industry whose skills and demands are ever evolving.

Skill Share6 has thousands of online classes in everything that you could ever imagine. For example, these cover everything from team leadership to meditation and cooking. It allows you to filter against your current skill level i.e., intermediate, or advanced and learn at a time and pace which suits you.

Industry apps

Quick Nurse7 is an exclusive app to anyone registered with Scottish Nursing Guild or Thornbury Nursing Services. Created specifically for our nurses, the app allows you quickly to locate and view jobs based on your location. This helps you to find relevant shifts in an instant. Once you’ve located your job, you can see specific client-related information. This ensuring you turn up to your shift with your best foot forward.

The British Medical Journal8 released an app featuring the BMJ print journal content. The app combines this with industry news, podcasts, journals and blogs. Along a similar vein is the Nursing and Health Survival Guide. The app is for both student and junior nurses, as well as field experts. Consequently, within you will find a wealth of essential information covering clinical skills, drug calculation and common healthcare abbreviations.


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