International Nurses Day: Celebrating The Best Of Nursing

On 12 of May each year International Nurses Day is an opportunity to reflect on the dedication and hard work that nurses do every single day. This year, as part of the RCN’s ‘Best of Nursing’ campaign, we asked Guild nurses to share stories on the amazing work of colleagues and their own experiences.

Michelle, SNG – “Being a patient taught me empathy, patience and to be thankful…”

“In 2012, 2 years after qualifying, I had my first epileptic seizure and was taken to hospital. I don’t remember much of the experience but after I was discharged, I had another one 4 days later.

I was taken to hospital again and this time it was investigated. After an MRI and several days in hospital I was informed by a consultant that I most probably had an AVM (Arterial Venous Malformation), and I would most likely succumb to this within 6 months. But I survived and a year later I was told I had a brain tumour.

This was an epic journey for  me and my children; the staff at the Western General and especially the consultants, were very supportive. The staff and my colleagues from Victoria Hospital were also amazing and supported me both physically and emotionally. They helped me to move forwards learning to live with a brain tumour.

I continued to work as a nurse in General and Psychiatry and I have never regretted the decision to give back to my profession and to my patients.

Being a patient taught me empathy, patience and to be thankful – that we have this amazing and wonderful NHS; that the staff are truly one in a million. And that everyone’s journey (whether patient or family) can be difficult and fraught.

 My experience has allowed me  to walk in my patients’ shoes. Supporting my patients during a difficult phase of their life – either to live and at times, die with meaning, is an honour and a blessing.

I live with my brain tumour, just as many people live with chronic conditions; but if there is one message I can share it would be to live every day – be grateful, be thoughtful and be kind.

We never know what is going on for another person but if they share their journey with you – learn from them; where and if/when possible help them to heal.”

Lindy, SNG – Developed a podcast to teach student nurses and nurses…

“I have a podcast that I use to teach student nurses and nurses.  Due to nursing pressures within the clinical area, I struggled to facilitate learning.  So instead, developed my podcast.”

Thank you to all our Guild nurses throughout Scotland and Ireland for being there at the shortest of notice, caring for our loved ones and most importantly, for being a nurse! ❤️

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