Protecting your hands during the pandemic with Nursem.

Hands have taken a hammering during the pandemic, with regular hand washing and the use of hand sanitiser.

As healthcare workers can’t reduce the frequency of hand washing, we spoke to Nursem founder Antonia, on how healthcare workers can look after their hands.

Nursem was created by paediatric nurse Antonia after she suffered from contact dermatitis on her hands from constant hand washing. Antonia needed a hand cream that was fast-absorbing, non-greasy and would protect against excessive hand washing, and that’s when Nursem was born. Nursem is a brand of hand creams and soaps which protect hands against excessive hand washing.

Nursems top tips on looking after your hands:

  • Make sure you wet your hands before applying a liquid soap
  • Patting your hands dry instead of rubbing them can help to avoid stripping your hands of their own natural protective barrier.
  • Using hand cream little and often throughout the day can prevent hands from drying out and breaking. Nursem products have been developed specifically to prevent this and don’t undermine hand washing.
  • Stay hydrated and wear gloves where possible in cold weather, doing this can help to maintain healthy skin and avoid further moisture loss.

Preventing or controlling dermatitis.

Wherever possible try to wash your hands instead of relying on alcohol gels. Its more effective and less disruptive for your skin. When washing your hands remember to use a mild and low-foaming hand wash as this can help to avoid stripping your skin of its naturally protective barrier. When drying your hands make sure they are completely dry and then apply a gentle moisturiser little and often throughout the day and work it into your skin for 30-60 seconds. This will help to reinforce your skin’s barrier and help you to maintain healthy hands.

How Nursem products can help

Each of our products help protect against excessive hand-washing due to the specific formulation which is made up of carefully chosen ingredients which help to soothe and protect hardworking hands.

Our Caring Hand Cream contains medical grade Manuka Honey and White Willow extract which soothes inflammation and soreness. The plant oils and glycerine help protect hands by restoring the protective barrier that retains the skins moisture and hydration.

Our Caring Hand Wash protects skin from ongoing dryness with ingredients glycerine, plant-derived oils and conditioning pro vitamin B5. This helps to reduce the damage to your skins natural lip barrier and allows your hands to retain essential moisture.

Our Caring Skin Fix regenerates the skin using hyaluronic acid, pro vitamins and allantoin to fuel your skin’s natural ability to repair as quickly as possible.

Which Nursem product is right for me?

Our original Caring Hand Cream was created for regular use throughout the day to prevent on-going discomfort and dryness.

Our Skin Fix is a more intensive formula that rejuvenates very dry, cracked and sore hands. The Skin Fix is our most intensive formula and slightly heavier than the cream

Our Soap-free Caring Hand Wash contains three types of surfactants that work just like traditional soap.

For anyone with sensitive skin, we recommend our unfragranced range which is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

Advice to nurses on starting a business

Stick at it! Nursem was not an overnight success and we worked on our formulas for several years before launch. It was a real labour of love to get Nursem to where it is today

Antonia, Nursem Founder

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