Congratulations to Ida!

Following some fantastic feedback from Naomi, our Dublin Branch Business Manager, Guild nurse Tina was commended by Naomi.

“Ida has worked with the Scottish Nursing Guild for the last year and a half and has played a very important role in the success of SNG in Ireland. All the feedback from the clients regarding Ida has been glowing and all conversations had with Ida put a smile on your face.

Before Ida went on Maternity leave, she was travelling to Waterford from Dublin every week to work for one of our clients. No matter what the shift, Ida always does her best to try and be as flexible as possible. She is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Since returning from Maternity leave, after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy, she has taken off in full stride, picking up shifts consistently and back to being as flexible as possible when it comes to picking up shifts. We would like to take the opportunity to thank Ida’s husband, who is also part of the team as he kindly drops Ida to and from work.”

We caught up with Ida to find out how she feels being our Nurse of the Month:

SNG: How long have you been working in healthcare? 
Ida: It’s been 10 years since I qualified as a nurse in my home country, the Philippines and I came to Ireland 6 years ago to pursue my career. I have experience in the geriatric and acute medical wards.

SNG: What do you enjoy most about your job? 
Ida: I love how I am given the opportunity to help someone when they’re not feeling their best. I enjoy conversing with the patients, knowing their stories and learning from them. Nursing has also given me good friends along the way!

SNG: What attracted you to join SNG? 
Ida: I always told myself I would never be an agency nurse but when I gave birth to my first child everything changed – I wanted more time caring for him and so I needed to be flexible with my job. Fortunately, I heard about the Guild from a friend and I never looked back! Best decision I’ve ever made. The staff in the Dublin office are super nice and accommodating. It’s always a pleasure talking to them not only about shifts but about anything under the sun. And did I mention the fantastic pay?

SNG: How do you feel about being our Nurse of the Month? 
Ida: Ida: When I received the call from Karen, I was surprised but so delighted! It’s good to be recognised and although nursing is not an easy job, things like this make me feel like I’m truly making a difference and that I am on the right track. So, thank you all so much!

Congratulations once again, Ida.

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