Congratulations Angela! November’s Nurse of the Month

This is following some fantastic feedback from the Belfast team about Angela:

“Angela works in A&E and Community. She is flexible, reliable and an asset to the team. She repletely shows dedication to her job.”

We caught up with Angela to see how she feels about being our Nurse of the Month.

How long have you been working with the Guild?

“I joined the guild in 2015 to supplement my full-time trust wage. Throughout the years of changing contracts and moving areas within Northern Ireland, I have worked part-time and full-time with the Scottish Nursing Guild.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“I am very lucky as I love being a nurse; it is incredibly rewarding. I love the variety, the people you meet, and the challenges you face are never the same. It’s so dynamic and the different areas you can go into are limitless. The difference you can make to someone is immeasurable. I could never imagine doing anything else.”

What attracted you to join the Guild?

“Firstly – the choice. I get to choose when I want to work, where I want to work and let’s be honest, if I want to work. The flexibility is amazing. As a working wife and mum, life gets busy and to be able to work around everything is great. Each week differs; sometimes, I can work more than others, and the Guild team understands this.”

“Secondly- PAY! I would be telling porkies if I said it wasn’t an attractive feature of the Guild. Its great pay, last minute bonus’, busy period bonus’ specialist rates. A lot of incentives to work with the agency. Reimbursements for course. The turnaround from timesheet submission to receiving pay into your account is very fast, with paydays scheduled 3-4 times per week, which is very helpful. I spent a bit too much on Christmas decorations! No problem, I do a quick shift and the money is replaced – easy (Husband will never know)!” 😂

“Thirdly -The Team is so friendly to work with. They understand your personal circumstances and know if you can, you will work. The support they offer is second to none. So professional and treat you as individuals. You are not just a number. They get to know you personally and when a familiar voice calls you, you are happy to take the call. To name a couple, Nuala, Rachel, and Steven.”

How do you feel about being our Nurse of the Month?

“Being nominated for Nurse of the Month is very humbling as a North East girl. My nan would be so proud!! I am so grateful for such a compliment. This award has reminded me of all my previous colleagues who have influenced my practice over the years. Beginning my nursing career in England at Hartlepool General Hospital, I learned from the best. A solid foundation of principles of care was taught to me by wonderful mentors and colleagues. I have been taught to work by the ethos “care for, as you would like to be cared for, speak as you would like to be spoken to .” Manners cost nothing and neither does a smile.”

Thank you Angela and congratulations! You deserve it!

You can catch up with our previous winners on our blog.

If you’re thinking about joining the Guild why not check out our amazing benefits package here. From the best pay rates around, to paid NMC and NMBI fees, you don’t want to miss out!

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