A Thank You from The Guild

It goes without saying that 2020 (and 2021 so far) was an incredibly difficult and challenging year for most people around the world. Everyone can agree that nurses, HCAs and all frontline workers have had to work in extremely difficult environments, regularly putting their own health at risk to perform their jobs and support a surging number of people in need.

Everyone at The Guild would like to express our deepest thanks to everyone that worked a shift for us during 2020!

We also have a few individual messages of thanks from The Guild team that we wanted to share. These include some specific examples where nurses and HCAs have shown great dedication and determination in the battle against the challenges that COVID-19 has brought with it.

Click on the location below to view thank you messages from that region:


Thanks in Northern Ireland

At the beginning of the pandemic we had a nurse move out of her family home with her husband and 2 children and stay in staff accommodation so she could work in a Covid ward without putting her family at risk as her daughter had bad asthma and her husband was also high risk. 

She worked continually for weeks on end without seeing her child face to face.


I would like to thank Kinga. Nothing is ever an issue. Lots of her shifts have been cancelled but she is happy to pick up anything elsewhere. Always happy to move and so, so helpful. She keeps us all happy.


We have witnessed nurses not only going above and beyond in their own substantive posts, but picking up extra shifts with the Guild also. Upskilling themselves, putting themselves right on the frontline without question to try and save as many lives as possible. 

So many of our health care workers have been amazing, and our clients have been so thankful for their care and expertise.


I would like to thank Linda. She is an RGN – ITU nurse who has continued to pick up regular ITU work with us throughout COVID (since shifts picked up in Oct). I have had a couple of calls with her myself (one was last night) where she has needed to just “let it out” about how hard it is at the moment constantly seeing young people dying. 

She expressed how much she is struggling but still trying to give the care she knows is needed so much in ITU just now. She’s also been with us since 1996!


I would like to thank Kieran. I had a conversation with him about a shift he had booked that was cancelled and offered him to another ward that was available. He said to me that he was happy going anywhere as he just wants to save lives not just during the pandemic but for the love of the job.


I want to thank Therese in regards to her working a block booking through us in Belfast City. She’s an outstanding example of one of our nurses who goes the extra mile not only for us but our clients also. 

The rapport she has built up with the ward she regularly works in not only builds on our reputation as a nursing agency but because she has often helped them when they were desperate and they needed her for certain shifts with hardly any notice, she has proved her loyalty to them and the pride she takes in being a nurse for us. 

I want to thank her for her extremely hard work and her amazing attitude even when we have faced obstacles with getting her shifts sorted, she has never lost sight of what matters the most.



Thanks in the Republic of Ireland

I would like to thank all of our amazing nurses who have gone out of their comfort zones to work in different areas of hospitals and nursing homes, even just giving a helping hand in environments that they are not used to. 

That extra bit of generosity and support really makes such a difference in this extremely pressurised and challenging time in hospitals and nursing homes all across the Republic of Ireland.


Eldhose has travelled from Kildare to Cork, week in and week out for the last number of months without asking for any extra on top of the shift. This nurse is always flexible and is open to shift changes to help the clients need. 


The last few months, I have seen extraordinary care and compassion from the amazing nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants we are lucky to have as part of our team in SNG Dublin. In particular, I would like to thank the nurses who are driving the length and breadth of the county to help clients in crisis. 

Those that are leaving their families and home comforts to go and stay in accommodation away from home so they can work 3 or 4 shifts in a row. Those who aren’t afraid to step outside their comfort zones and walk into the chaos of the unknown. 

Those who are not only working full-time hours, but are helping clients in need by picking up any extra work they can with us. Those who are donning and doffing constantly every minute of every day in the toughest of conditions to help the patients and clients they work with. 

We are so proud of you and couldn’t thank you enough for everything you are doing. You really are our Heroes.


A number of Nurses and HCAs in the Republic of Ireland have gone above and beyond to be as flexible as possible and the dedication to our clients and their patients has been second to none. 

In particular, one nurse has really stood out and went the extra mile (quite literally) to help as much as possible and that person is Svetlana! Since the pandemic broke in March 2020 here in the Republic of Ireland, there has not been a week that Svetlana hasn’t worked multiple shifts in nursing homes across the country during their individual outbreaks.

The feedback from EVERYWHERE she has worked has been more than glowing and in particular, received amazing feedback on her kindness, positive attitude and caring nature towards residents and staff. 

Her shifts have taken her the length and breadth of the country without a second’s hesitation about the location. From myself and the rest of the team here at SNG, we would like to say a massive thank you for everything you have done and continue to do to support the needs of our clients and the residents who you care for on a daily basis.



Thanks in Scotland

Thank you to Scott

Scott was working with a community client who was awaiting a COVID test result as she had contact with a COVID positive family member. Prior to the test result, PPE was breached as the client pulled Scott’s facemask off on several occasions. 

The client tested positive and Scott agreed to stay on the premises and continue to work with the client during his isolation period, to offer continuous support to the client.

Thank you to Jenny

Jenny has picked up shifts with a community client in a remote area regularly and often at short notice to help with staffing issues and juggled family life to suit. 

She travelled long distances and did this often throughout the pandemic to ensure the client had consistent, continuous care. This has allowed us to maintain consistency and reduce the contact the client has with different nurses.

Thank you to Donna

Donna has been extremely flexible throughout the pandemic working with numerous community clients and quite often changing her own plans at the last minute to accommodate other workers isolating or with limited availability.

Thank you to Laura

Laura covered multiple last minute pull outs with a community client due to other workers isolating due to COVID-19, many of these out of her availability and often rearranging family commitments.

Thank you to Susan

Susan worked many extra shifts and hours during the COVID pandemic to cover shifts with a community client, travelling great distances each shift to ensure the client received consistent care so her family could get much needed respite.

Thank you to Billy

Billy has worked with an extremely challenging community client throughout the pandemic often picking up last-minute shifts when no-one was free as shifts are often at very short notice. Billy has kept us up to date regarding the client on a regular basis and highlighted any issues that require to be escalated.

Thank you to Irene

Irene has been willing to work additional shifts and often staying at a community client’s home for a few nights, travelling great distances for shifts. 

This has allowed us to limit the risk of infection being brought into the client’s home with new workers whilst also providing stability and consistency for an extremely vulnerable elderly client.

Thank you to Tracey

Tracey has gone above and beyond to provide care for numerous community clients during the pandemic. Tracey has often rearranged her own commitments to provide consistent care to clients who required emergency care at short notice. 

Tracey has travelled considerable distances and arranged her own accommodation at cost to herself to allow her to cover as many shifts as possible to limit the risk of infection to our clients and provide consistency.

Thank you to Alex

Alex travelled a considerable distance to work with a challenging community client in a remote location. Alex would often stay on for additional days to provide consistent cover, allowing us to limit the risk of infection to the client and limit the distress of introducing new workers.

Thank you to Anita & David

Both Anita and David have been extremely flexible and have been willing to travel throughout the pandemic allowing us to provide consistent care to a vulnerable community client in a remote location. 

Both workers have limited their risk of infection by following all COVID guidelines and not working in COVID positive areas which has provided great reassurance to the clients family. Anita and David have arranged cover between themselves to ensure the client always has cover.

Thank you to Ann

Ann has worked tirelessly in challenging community packages, working all over the country and helping out on days she wasn’t available. She has been a mainstay in packages and helped with organisational issues on a nursing level.

Thank you to Kenny & Michael

Both Kenny and Michael have worked SNG shifts solely with a community client throughout the pandemic to give the family peace of mind and giving the family the only respite they receive at this time. The family are exceptionally vocal in their gratitude for both nurses.

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