8 things to do when self-isolating

Like most of us, you may have found yourself self-isolating or social distancing due to COVID-19. The first few days might be a dream, catching up on sleep and resting but fast forward a few days, and you might find yourself talking to the walls.

Whether your self-isolating or social distancing, we have a list that’ll banish the boredom and keep you busy!

TV Binge? Pass me the popcorn!

Surely this is at the top of everyone’s list whilst Self-isolating? Finally, finish that series, watch that cheesy reality TV show or go back to your favourite feel-good film for the 12th time, this is a judgement-free zone we promise! Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney+ whatever your choice, there’ll never be a better time to channel your inner coach potato.

Get competitive

If you’re self-isolating with other people, then it’s time to dust the cobwebs off those board games. Scrabble for the dictionary masterminds, cards for those who feel lucky or a game of Cluedo for the wannabe detectives. Then there’s Monopoly. We’re still unsure if this is ever a good idea, but it’s a game that’s guaranteed to last at least a few weeks. Just try not to throw anything at each other. We may possibly be speaking from experience here…

If you’re isolating alone, check out the thousands of games available on your app store. Try Sudoku, Candy Crush or rewind to the year 2000 and relieve those Sims days. We’re feeling very nostalgic.

Hinch your home

If you’re obsessed with Mrs Hinch and consider yourself a true Hincher but haven’t actually had the time to use all of her cleaning tips and tricks, then today’s the perfect day! Forget Spring clean, it’s social distancing clean, and it’s more important now to make sure our homes are germ-free! De-clutter the wardrobe or the floordrobe, re-arrange the furniture or clear out the shed. It’s now or never. No more excuses. Go on, what are you waiting for? Oh, actually, wait till you’ve finished reading our final five points.

Let’s get moving

There are two types of people in the world right now. The first who are mourning the closure of their gym and the second, jumping for joy that they don’t have to endure another round of spinning. Day one, two or three is great, eating what you want and being a coach potato, but a week later and UH-OH, the joggers are starting to feel tight. Get the gym gear back on and do a home workout. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are all streaming live workouts on a daily basis. We’re particularly loving PE with Joe Wicks as it’s a great way to wear the kids out before the day has even begun!

Channel your inner book worm

We all have that one book that we promised ourselves we would get through (probably on our last holiday) but looks particularly new and untouched. Well, now’s the perfect time to get stuck in! Find time in the day to wind down by reading. You can even join online book clubs and share the experience with others.

Calling all Mary Berry’s

Dust off those cookbooks or log onto BBC Food and find the recipe you’ve always wanted to tackle. What a perfect time to get cooking and practice your baking skills, you could be the next star of Come Dine with Me!

Learn something new

Why not use this time to learn a new skill? Painting, knitting or even learn how to do yoga or meditation. There are lots of online tutorials that you can watch to help you along the way. You could even learn a new language, which like most of us, has probably been on your list for a few years. Duolingo is a great website to help you learn and has 30 languages to choose from!

Stay in touch

We know this is a strange and difficult time and not being able to see friends or family is particularly difficult for a lot of us but remember, they’re on the other end of a phone and there are some great apps to make sure you can keep in touch. Check out Facetime, WhatsApp video call, Skype or even Zoom. Just make sure you send a warning about the pyjamas!

It is also important to look after your mental health while self-isolating or social distancing. Make sure you check out our tips and tricks.

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